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12. February 2018 Comments (0) Allgemein

Why Berghasen is my favorite blog

Who of you was already at home during the holidays or at the weekend, had nothing to do and wanted to do something? Certainly many of you: D For me it was again such a boring day. The weather was bad, my friends were gone and I did not feel like watching movies. So I was on Instagram and once “examined” my stored images. One thing I noticed especially. I’ve looked by who the picture was and what a miracle: It was from Berghasen : D This was the picture that I noticed so much. Probably because it looks so nice, with the huge mountain in the background.

  • So I wondered if they have any more of the pictures. And behold! They had everything full of the pictures that I’ve always been looking for: D But first I’ve read through the Bio. The Berghasen include Susi and Vroni. They have around 30,000 subscribers and have a blog. A blog?! That’s cool. I’ve also had one recently. They have so many topics and articles that I have not even managed to read half. As you can see in the articles, they are often in the mountains, do ski tours and do a lot of sports. I’ll give you a list of what they do.

    Ski tours
product testing
They give tips & tricks
Sports and training

That’s it: D My favorite categories are mountain tours and ski touring, because after reading I always feel like going to the mountains and doing it myself. Unfortunately, this is often not possible, and the blog Berghasen is a good alternative for that. On Instagram, I have often asked them something, which they always had a suitable and very nice answer. Overall, her pictures are always very happy. So if you feel like reading something on your blog, just click here.

I also liked this picture. Of course, you can find more of them on Instagram.

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