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Photographing stars – taking pictures made easy

Hi. I am Oli and this is my blog. Even before I started taking photographs, I always wanted to know how to photograph stars. Surely you know the pictures in which a beautiful landscape was photographed with many stars. And I wanted to do the photos myself. Do you want to photograph stars? Then stay tuned and read well 😀 I divide the contribution in a few steps, so you understand it easier.
Which camera do you need?

You need a reflex camera best. Because the most important thing is that you can manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed. This means you can set the shutter speed to the length you want. So if you want to have it for 5 seconds, you can set it to 5 seconds.
General information.

You definitely have to have a slow shutter speed. I usually shoot with a shutter speed of 30, sometimes even 60 seconds. But you have to be careful with the shutter speed, because if you set them too long, then it can happen that the stars are not “dots” but stripes. Because the stars are moving too. If the picture then takes too long, then they move too far.
Then the aperture is still very important. Because if you put the aperture too high, then the picture is too dark. It is best to set it to the smallest number. Then you can not go wrong.
I’m sure you know Iso too. Of course, you can set the iso high, so that the picture gets brighter and you can see the stars better. But then you have a problem again. It’s just not that easy 😀 You just have to give it a try. This is the best way to find out how much you can hire them. If you set it too high, there is a noise in the picture. That does not look so nice anymore.
A tripod. You definitely need a tripod. This is actually one of the most important things to photograph for the stars. Of course you can also put the camera on the ground, but then you can not put it anywhere.

These were the most important tips you need to take pictures of stars.

Then there are a few things you need to make better and better star photos. For example, other and better lenses. But I think that you should first take pictures with his lens that you have. Because I have not bought a better lens and think that my star photos look good too. 😀
When should you take pictures of stars?

The best time is: who would have thought it at night. But that’s not always enough. If you can, then drive to the countryside. Not only is there the most beautiful landscape, but it is also the darkest there. And that is very important. Even if you only take pictures near a big city, it can happen that the picture gets too bright and you can not see the stars. But as always. Just try it. Maybe you are lucky and the photo will be great in the city as well.

There is a very important thing. Your clothes. I’ve been photographing outdoors so often, thinking over and over again: Why did not I take the gloves or cap with me? And that sucks. It’s best to preview how the weather should be. Unfortunately, you can only photograph the stars in good weather. But in good weather, it is also the coldest at night. Especially in winter. Be sure to bring gloves with you. That’s the most important. Because if your hands are frozen, then you can go straight home. Because taking pictures is not fun at all. But you must not forget warm socks. Or you can get hiking boots directly. The Sinnd anyway more practical. They keep you warm and you can run around in the mud as long as you want 😀 And then the things like hat, jacket and pants are not bad either 😀 Because without these things it would not only be cold, but also a bit strange to walk around outside

As with my contribution on long exposure and shutter speed, it would be good for the stars, if you have a remote trigger. But you do not need it here either. Just set your self-timer to 2 seconds and you will not have a blurry picture. But if you prefer to sit in the car and drink a cocoa, then there is an app for most cameras. So you can put your camera outside, get in the car and trigger with your phone. There is no blurring. But that’s just a tip for the lazy among you 😀

It is always important that the focus fits. In the dark, however, it is often difficult to adjust the autofocus. I have no lying 8 on my lens. The lying 8 stands for infinite focus. So I do it the same way as always. I’m just trying to adjust the focus manually until it’s right. So it always gets perfect after just 1.2 minutes and I can start taking pictures with it.

These were then the most important tips to make good star pictures. I hope you enjoyed the post and liked the tips. You can subscribe to my blog so you do not miss any tips. See you next post. Bye 😀


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