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Photographing in the snow

Fotografieren im Schnee

Hi. I am Oli and this is my blog. Today I’ll show you some pictures in the snow and the 2 most important tips. Finally. After days, even weeks, it finally snowed again. There’s nothing better than driving through the woods while the trees are full of snow. So it was at least for me. But it started differently anyway. It was once again a day as it always is in winter. It was wet, mushy and not really cold. But on my phone was that it should snow today. But why is not it snowing ?!

We were in the city a little bit and when we got back home it started to snow. The snow even stayed on the ground, although it was about 2 degrees warm. Unfortunately, when we got home, I realized that I still can not ski that day. But maybe tomorrow. It was still snowing the whole day. They were even very small flakes. That means that it is very cold or not? Well, let’s see. Maybe it’ll be half a meter tomorrow 😀

Then the time came. It was the next day. I went out of my bed, pulled up the shutters and what did I see? Green meadow. There was only a little snow. Great. It will not be like skiing. But a few hours later I got a message. Only 10 km from my home is a lot of snow. I have to go there. The first thing I did was who would have thought. I got my skis and got into the car. Of course, the camera to take good pictures. Because if there is too little snow for skiing, then at least I can make beautiful pictures in the snow.

On the way there you could already see that you are much higher, because so slowly came the snow. It looked so nice. The trees were full of snow and in the forest it looked even more beautiful. Alone the mixture between snow and sun was so beautiful that it was clear that I would take thousands of pictures today. Unfortunately there was not enough snow to go skiing. Do you have snow at home? Probably not that much, right?

But under this post, I’ll show you some pictures I took today and give you some tips on how to shoot in the snow.

Surely every one of you knows the problem. You have your camera with you in the winter forest, just pull it out of your pocket, turn it on and get a shock. The battery is empty. That’s annoying right? If you have just found the perfect spot but can not take a picture because the battery is empty. I always do it that way. I take the battery out of the camera, and put it in my pocket from the sweater. It is the warmest place, and that is how it lasts the longest. But if you’re on the road for a bit longer, 2 or 3 days for example, then I would recommend you either to buy a replacement battery or a solar panel to have endless power. Here I’ll show you one that I’ve heard should be good.


At just under 400 grams, this solar panel is very light and, above all, cheap, yet it is big enough to recharge your camera’s battery. So if you want to do a trekking tour or something like that, then I recommend you this solar panel.

But you can also simply buy a power bank. I have that for example. This means that you charge them at home and then actually have a spare battery with them. The power bank can not be reintun but in the camera, but you need a usb cable and can charge your battery. They are not very expensive and worthwhile anyway.

I think that would clarify the subject with the battery and I can give you a few more tips.


Take care when changing lenses that you only do it when the weather is good and you have enough time for it. Lenses are already very expensive anyway. Then you do not want them to break from one to the other second. So take good care of them. The best way to get a camera backpack. You can use it everywhere and always take it with you. He is especially good at snow. Because most rucksacks are waterproof and help you take photos in the snow. These were just a few tips, but here are some more tips to take good pictures in the snow. I hope you have the tips helped anyway and you had fun reading. If you want, you can also subscribe to my blog. See you next post


Photographing in the snow




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